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Union City East Side School in the early 1940s ?

I believe this photo was taken at the Union City East Side School sometime in the early 1940s the names on the back are not in any order but these are the names on the back of the picture. The spelling of the names are difficult to read. I know This is my mother's class photos her name was Idabelle (Crawford) Webb and I know she attended Union City East Side Schools as a child.
1. Tom Marker 2.? 3. Kay Bickle 4. Patty Stewart 5. Geraldine Hunton 6. Audrey Ann Stoner 7. Jamie Thornburg 
8. Anny Young 9. Jo Ann Griffin 10. Betty Maloy 11. William Fox 12. John 13. Betty Jones 14. Virginia Willis
15. Norma Ulich 16. Idabelle Crawford 17. Martha Burrell 18. Jean Passmore 19. Prudence Oswalt 20. Leura Mote
21. Bobbie Dean Burns 22. Mr. Filbrun 23. Loyld MaHoney 24. Darrell Runkle 25. Harmon Dunn 26. Marie Worshie 
27. Robert Ritshey 28. Chester Pouder 29. Eugene Whialer
Contributor: Mike Webb
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