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Photos of Listfest 2009
at the Shawnee Prairie Preserve, Greenville, Ohio
Click on images for enlarged views

Photographers: Michael Reck (with Jane's pathetic cheap camera) & Denny Gibson (with his terrific camera)

2009 - THE FINALE - Pg. 2

There were some surprises in store for Jane and Wayne at this ListFest.
Before I started my traditional Welcome talk, Karen Krugman and Roger Spencer
both told me that they had some announcements. Karen and her husband Mark
had been so nice to buy "tokens of their appreciation" for Wayne and me.
And, what could be better in Greenville than gift certificates from the Maid Rite?

     Roger's announcement came as a complete surprise to me.  As they have done every year previously, Roger and Becky introduced their newly published photographic cemetery readings at the ListFest.  Roger had told me earlier that one of their books hadn't returned from the publisher in time to bring it.  I was disappointed but hey, what can you do?  When I called on Roger for his announcement, I failed to notice that he had a large book in his hands.  It was then that he announced that this year (2009), they had published an index to the first twenty-five cemeteries in the readings series.  [What!! He fibbed?]
    Then Roger proceeded to tell the group that I had approached him with the idea of an index book--actually I brought it up to him several times--and after talking with Becky they decided that they would go forward with this massive project.  The result was an index of over 15,700 tombstones in Darke County cemeteries!  As Roger began to walk toward me, I was sure that he was going to give me a copy.  How nice!  He did just that and told me to open it, then look a few pages inside the book.  There I a saw a large picture of me with the words, "Dedicated to Jane (Barr) Torres."  I was floored, and speechless!  (But now at last I knew why Wayne had bugged me to send him a picture of myself--he said he wanted to wallpaper the Assembly Room for the ListFest!)  Then Roger asked me to read the Dedication.  Being a bit unglued, I stumbled through the reading much like a 3rd grader might but did manage to complete the reading.  Below are the pictures from that ListFest surprise.

Here we have everyone hanging on my every word during my Welcome (except Linda and Doug who are still figuring their families out!) I believe that this is where Roger is announcing that he actually did have the book and is talking about how it came about.  Looking a bit skeptical, aren't I?

I actually had to sit down to do my reading as Mike Sandridge looks on. Looking over my shoulder, the photographer caught what I was seeing.

It has been a long ten year journey but a very happy one.  It is so nice that so often when I see a List message come in, I actually know the sender.  We have all become a great team and I believe an asset to Darke County genealogy.  I'm sure that this isn't Farewell or in the words of many of our ancestors, "Adieu" or "auf Wiedersehen."  I think that the more contemporary "See ya later" will do just fine!

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