March 18, 1949 – 7 O’clock

Mrs. Onkst- Teacher

Mother Goose   Rebecca McVay
The Old Woman in the Shoe   Gene Ann Glunt

Children of the Shoe

  Ronald Dale Black   William Baird
  Conrad Lee Carlock   Sharon Kay Byers
  Sandra Barnhardt   Joseph Dispennette
  Michael Niland   Pamela Cook
  Patricia Ann Crider   Niles Eikenberry
  Denver Johnson   Diane Fry
  Gloria Jean Harless   Walter Green
  Joseph Mong   Mary Sue Harland
  Rhonda Hughes   Nathan Hagaman
  Robert Nelson   Margaret Pence
  Mary K Kelly   William Hughes
  Kenneth Pennington   Judy Ann Scaumeth
  Vicki Ann Meyer   Roger Lee Miller
  Joel Shiverdecker   Patty Ann Sharp
  Karen O'dell   Kenneth Scholl
  Terry Thompson   Twila Shiverdecker
  Joyce Shrader   Richard Wright
  Mary Jacqueline Woods   Lela Gail Wood
  Robert Henning   Richard Manix
  Katrina Yingst   Jean Ann Daniels
  Michael Moore   Gary Winn
  Paul Grimes   Ronald Turner

Carol Ann Beutler



Little Jack Horner    
      Ronald Dale Black    
Little Miss Muffet    
  Miss Muffet   Gloria Jean Harless
  Spider   Terry Thompson
Old Mother Hubbard    
  Mother Hubbard   Margaret Pence
  Dog   Cuddles
Old King Cole    
  Old King Cole   Nils Eikenberry
  Nate Hagaman   Judy Ann Schumeth

Kenneth Scholl

  Margaret Pence   Patty Ann Sharp
  Billy Baird   Richard Manix
  Lela Gail Wood   Carol Ann Beutler
  Billy Hughes   Joe Dispennette
  Walter Green   Pamela Cook
  Gary Winn   Roger Miller
  Mary Sue Harland   Diane Fry

Mary K Kelly

  Sharon Byers   Nate Hagarman
  Billy Hughes   Roger Miller
  Rebecca McVay   Jean Ann Daniels
Mistress Mary     Joyce Ann Shroder
The Three Bears      
  Father Bear   Patricia Ann Kreider
  Mother Bear   Sandra Barnhardt
  Baby Bear   Joel Shiverdecker
  Goldilock   Mark K Kelly
I Love a Rabbit     Twila Shiverdecker
  Rabbit   Nate Hagaman
Three Little  Kittens      
  Mother   Rebecca McVay
  Kittens   Patty Ann Sharp
      Sharon Byers
      Mary Sue Harland
Jack and Jill      
  Bobby Nelson    
  Jacqueline Woods    
Ten Little Indians      
  Roger Miller   Billy Baird
  Kenneth Scholl   Billy Hughes
  Carol Ann Beutler   Judy Ann Schumeth
  Pamela Cook   Jean Ann Daniels
  Lela Gail Wood   Nils Eikenberry
Humpty Dumpty      
  Humpty   Joe Mong
  King's Men    
    Robert Nelson Robert Henning
    Denver Johnson Kenneth Pennington
    Michael Moore Conrad Carlock
Hey Diddle Diddle      
  Richard Wright (cat)   Joe Disppensette (dog)
  Margaret Pence (cow)   Pamela Cook (dish)

Kenneth Scholl (spoon)

 Little Boy Blue      
  Boy Blue   Michael Hiland
  Rhonda Hughes Karen O'dell
The Little Red Hen      
  Red Hen   Twila Shiverdecker
  Richard Wright (cat)   Nathan Hagamen (duck)
  Joe Dispennette (dog)   Walter Green (pig)
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater    
  Peter   Billy Baird
  Wife   Judy Ann Schumeth
Wee, Willie, Winkie     Roger Miller
  Flag Drill    
A Sincere "Thank You" to    
Mrs. Dale Shiverdecker     pianist
Mrs. Warren Glunt     Reader
Mrs. Dain Sharp     Art Assistant
Mr. Robert Hawes     Manual Work
Mr. Clyde Loy and Tom O'Brien   Stage
All parents for assistance and co-operation    


The above program was contributed by Twila Shiverdecker Costello. She found it lovingly tucked away in a box of her mother's papers. The variations in the spelling of some of the names were as found in the program.
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