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Mrs. George F. W. (Barbara) Wright & sons

Subject: Mrs. George F. W. (Barbara) Wright and seven of the following sons: John S.(1831), Jacob E.(1833), Alexander (1835), Robert (1837), Wesley, Abraham, Henry and William.

Identification: Standing left to right: Robert, uncertain , Henry , Wesley Seated : uncertain , Barbara Smith Wright, John S. , uncertain ,

Information: The George Wrights had at least 8 sons and no daughters. Son Robert, lived in Darke County, as did some of the others. Barbara died in 1900 in Miami County in her 89th year, and believe this photo was taken only a few years prior to that.

Source: From the photo collection of Barbara's great-granddaughter, Gladys Reck, who remembered her well.

Melinda Huszti, Contributor

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