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Ezra O. and Iva Mae (Chenoweth) Sparks Family

Ezra O. and Iva Mae (Chenoweth) Sparks' wedding portrait. 
They were married April 14, 1905 in Darke Co., OH.

Seated L-R: Ezra Ozero, Norma Jean (Sparks) Hoch, & Iva Mae (Chenoweth) Sparks.
Back row, L-R: Marie Merle (Sparks) Clay, Earl Monroe Sparks, & Mercedes Delores (Sparks) Shelhaas. 
My guess is the portrait was taken sometime between 1930 & 1935. All were Darke Co. natives.

Anna (BECK) Sparks, wife of Isaac Sparks. She was born in York Co., PA, but moved to Darke Co., OH when she was 7 years old. She spent the rest of her life in Darke Co. She died in Greenville and is buried in Ft. Jefferson.
Her husband was Isaac Sparks, Civil War Veteran of the 152nd OVI, and prominent resident of Weaver Station, as his obit states.

Ezra's son, 
Earl Monroe and Leona Fern (Harris) Sparks

Seated: Anna (Beck) Sparks.
Standing are her children, L-R: Isaac Leroy "Roy" Sparks, Minerva "Minnie" Elva (Sparks) Martin, Edna Myrtle (Sparks) Crumrine, and Ezra Ozero Sparks.
Earl was a Pentecostal Minister, and he along with his parishioners, built the Apostolic Pentecostal Church which still stands on Jackson St., on the south side of Greenville, OH

Uncle Jimmy Lee Sparks, son of Earl and Leona Sparks. He was a really wonderful guy and I miss him terribly. He was killed July 31, 1971 in a motorcycle-truck accident in Springfield, OH just weeks after this picture was taken. He's buried at the "Sunset Memory Gardens" Cemetery, Greenville, OH in the Garden of Gethsemane section. I know the name has recently been changed to the "Greenville Memorial Gardens", but it will always be Sunset Memory Gardens to me.  Although, it's a bit fuzzy, you can see some of the parishioners at that time are pictured standing out in front of the church after Sunday Morning Worship Service.
They are left to right, Earl Sparks, Berdine Delaplane, Jake McGlothin, Florence Van de Grift, Mildred Delaplane, Zelma Statler & "Grandma" Dickey. 
This photo was taken about 1947, according to my mother, Sheila (Sparks) Statler Fowble, eldest daughter of Earl Sparks.

My grandfather, Earl SPARKS, in the second row from the bottom and is seated beside and in front of two gentlemen standing to the far left of the group. His mother, Iva Mae (CHENOWETH) SPARKS, is seated center, top row, in front of another lady, who looks very much like her. (Iva's mother, Ida HARTER, or a sister, maybe?).  I'm supposing this could be a CHENOWETH or SPARKS family photo, but not sure. I don't see Earl's father, Ezra Ozero SPARKS in the group, unless he's the man seated on the porch, whose face we cannot see. I am quite certain this was taken in Darke County, or nearby. I believe it was taken in 1925, as the accompanying photo (second attached file) states it's of "Bud CHENOWETH and Earl SPARKS, 1925" and grandpa looks identical in the pics, even to the tie he was wearing.

Earl Sparks is the cocky guy 2nd from the right. I have no idea who the other young man and the two ladies are. Need some help identifying, please!

Clarence Martin & Earl Sparks, c. 1920. The taller young man is Clarence MARTIN, son of Minerva "Minnie" Elva (SPARKS) and Eugene MARTIN of Darke Co., and cousin to Earl SPARKS, standing next to him.

In this photo, Earl Sparks is the young boy standing next to the taller man on the Right. I'm certain the woman on the left, looking at the group, is his mother, Iva Mae (Chenoweth) Sparks.  I'm also certain that the woman standing right beside him is his Aunt Minerva "Minnie" Elva (Sparks) Martin. I need help in identifying all the rest of the people in this photo. I have no idea who the elderly woman is, nor who the tall men are, nor the children.

Bud Chenoweth & Earl Sparks, 1925

This picture, we believe, is of Earl Sparks (wearing the beanie cap) and his three sisters, Marie, Norma, and Mercedes. We're not sure who the other taller girls and the smaller boy were. Anyone?

This photo is of Earl Sparks and his sisters, Marie (Sparks) Clay (L), and Mercedes "Aunt Cedie" (Sparks) Shelhaas (R). Only Mercedes still living.

This is a picture that was among the photos mom sent me.  We have no idea who any of the people are.  We're certain it was taken in Darke County, though, as all the photos she had in this group had been.

Contributor: Sharon Statler

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