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Unknown Faces English Reunion 1916 Click on photo for enlarged view

08 Jane (Long) Champion
10 Walter Champion
11 Margaret (Gillespie) Erwin
15 Naomi Sowder
16 Herman Erwin
27 Don Boutch (friend of #16)
30 Sarah English
34 Zillah English
36 Rebecca Weaver
37 Adolph Begin
39 Marie (English) Mahan
42 Hannah Weaver
43 Tune (weaver) Begin
44 Maynard Mahan
48 Ellen Jane (Weaver) Blue
50 Henry Clark Gillespie
51 Liala English
52 William Weaver (husb of Hannah)
53 Margaret (Murphy) English
54 Ellis Mahan (Husb of Marie)
56 Margaret English
57 Albert Webster Gillespie
58 Hannah (Erwin) English (w/o Stephen)
59 Paul Mahan (g/son of #58)
60 Kermit Weaver (s/o #42)
61 Elsie Hannah (English) GIllespie
62 John Erwin
63 Virginia Erwin
64 Ruth Blue
65 Joseph Taylor (hus of Sina Gillespie)
66 Mrs John (Kate?) Erwin
73 Becky Weaver
74 George English
76 Joseph Erwin
77 Margaret (English) Pease
78 Kenneth "Ike" English
081 Dan Weaver
084 Evelyn English
085 Ned English
090 LaRue (English) Hamilton
091 Frances Erwin
099 Sina (Gillespie) Taylor
100 Marion Gillespie (s/o #57)
106 Stephen English
108 Robert Taylor (s/o #65)
124 John Cary English
130 Scott English
131 Nellie M. English (Scott's wife)
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Mrs Edith (Krugh) Gillespie adds:
  • Margaret Gillespie Erwin, Sina Gillespie Taylor and Henry Clark Gillespie are siblings, children of Benjamin and Mary Ellen English Gillespie.
  • Hannah Erwin English (with grandson Paul Mahan) is married to Stephen English and their children are Sarah English, Marie Mahan, Kenneth English, Evelyn English, Ned English, George English, Zillah English, and Elsie Gillespie.
  • Herman Erwin, Virginia Erwin, Joseph Erwin, and Frances Erwin are children of Margaret (Gillespie) Erwin.
  • Webster Gillespie is married to Elsie (English) Gillespie. Webb is the son of Clark Gillespie.
  • John Erwin is a brother to Hannah Erwin English, children of Mahlon and Elsie Leming Erwin.
  • Becky Weaver and Steven English are children of William John and Frances (Pitsenbarger) English.

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