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Augustus N. Wilson Family 1911

The Augustus N. Wilson family, taken in 1911 at the home of A. N. and Sarah Wilson. I believe the home still is standing, I remember going there with my mother and grandmother in the '70's. 

On the porch L-R>>> Grace Wilson Ewing, Gertrude Wilson Mann, seated Mrs. Sarah Wilson, Mildred Wilson (wife of Frank), Frank Wilson, Bess Wilson, William Mann, Carl Wilson.

On the stoop L-R >>> Standing (boy) Larimer Wilson (son of Frazer), seated with woman Wayne Wilson (son of Frazer), Pearle Wilson (wife of Frazer), Frazer Wilson, girl holding dog Kathryn Mann ( dau. of Gertrude and  Wm. Mann) [my grandmother] Osborn Wilson, Harrison Wilson (son of Osborn) Lillian Wilson (wife of Osborn), in chair Augustus N. Wilson, John Larimer Ewing (husband of Grace).

Prepared by Julie Schopieray Traverse City, Michigan

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