Membership of the Greenville Lodge No. 195, I.O.O.F., 1905

Jan Abbott, the DCO List member who donated this photograph, identified the men in the picture below.

"There are 119 pictures - all identified . Row #1 is at the top of the picture. Here goes---"

Row #1 C H Hecker, R. Nevil, A N Wilson, Dan Zimmerman, I F Deardourff, H L C Phillips, Wm Thompson, G H Lindermood, Samuel Ludy, L C Klipstine, J W Martin, W H Webb, John H Ries, Martin B Trainor, W E Riegel, D F Hinsey, Geo. W Rosser

Row #2 H M Cole, Geo H Mace, John McStoltz, Cassius Stoltz, F M Kline, J E Kline, Fred Bisner, Dr. R Ford, Syl. Grosvenor, G H Hetzler, Dr O I Hetzler, David Ludy, J L Bascom, J C Elliott, G W Lecklider, S F Thompson, J P Duffey

Row #3 Thos Culbertson, Ed Culbertson, Chas Culbertson, E R Emrick, Geo W Boxwell, C Steinhilber, S C Whitaker, W E Ludwick, J F Gauby, J W Gauby, H B Gauby, W. C. Gauby, H H Dunn, F T Conklin, J D Kepner, W H Reppeto, B F Manor

Row #4 A C Harter, C O Westfall, L R Westfall, R S Hall, J M Hall, John Hall, Jacob Dynes, W H Cruze, M E Eidemiller, J H Hobbs, Stephen Rhoades, F C Boyer, R G Noggle, E D Shields, Wiley Shields, W H Mann, Osborn Wilson

Row #5 Elmer Pitman, Earl Reinheimer, E Reinheimer, E E Roll, E D Roll, Jacob Sarff, Chas S Clark, John R Suter, Ed VanDyke, W E Albright, C V Warner, G W Woodman, James Smith, Noah Beck, O D Jay, A W Batten, J P Brazelton

Row #6 Geo Perkins, W H Perkins, J K Garber, A C Stocker, W C Stocker, H P Stocker, Delbert Wilson, Louie Holzapfel, J E Folkerth, E T Bell, A J Townsend, W B Nevil, C J Herr, Bruce Marshall, E F Fletcher, A J Hartzell, R Willoughs

Row #7 Wilmore Dunker, J W Nealeigh, Wm Ash, Wm H Davis, Sol Wise, E Moist, J H Cox, Otto Heim, C E Hollinger, John Marsh,Jr., E C Westfall, G W Ludy, Thos J Hughes, Harry Woolford, R E Lockett, C M Dalrymple, John W. Garver

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